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At GFZ you’ve come to the right place. Our foundation offers supplemental childcare in all Zurich districts – be that at one of our 15 day care centres, or with one of our childminders in Zurich and Adliswil. We currently care for approximately 2,000 children. In addition, we run three family centres in Zurich with innovative offerings for the entire family. Nowhere else will you and your children be able to connect with other families so quickly.

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Our foundation has been championing the concerns of families since 1885. As a non-profit organisation, the GFZ is non-denominational and politically independent. We have state-of-the-art facilities, contemporary and stable organisational and management structures, as well as highly motivated and superbly trained caregivers.


Your child is in good hands with us. We care for children from babyhood until school age, when they begin compulsory education. As parents, you enjoy maximal flexibility thanks to the variety of our services. We guarantee parents with a challenging professional life a flexible range of services, particularly through our family daycare and special services, such as pop-up day care for very short-term requests.


We accompany your child for a part of the great voyage of discovery that is their life, endowing them with the requisite mindfulness, and creating space for their first independent steps. Children with special care requirements and special needs also find a place at the day care and with selected employees where they are cared for attentively, and with professional expertise in intermixed groups.


We value the highest quality in our care. All of our day care centres have been quality certified (QualiKita). We view children as active participants in their own education and development. In so doing, we follow the internationally recognised education-oriented teaching approach that integrates all facets of early childhood education into everyday care. The children are encouraged to follow their individual interests, and can thus partake in important learning experiences within a reliable relationship network and safe environment.


Our superior offering naturally includes high-quality and varied nutrition – as a healthy diet is an important foundation for the cognitive and physical development of your child.


Our highly qualified staff will care for your child, showing respect and love, nurturing him or her carefully in an age-appropriate way, and serving as models, ones who are obligated to follow the pedagogical concept of GFZ. We specifically support the cognitive and physical well-being of children and rely on early childhood education in all areas of development. We regard parents and guardians as partners, with the common goal of supporting and promoting the development of children.

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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

044 253 65 10

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